Really enjoying @channel4 nabbing the rights to @seinfeldtv, but what it (apparently) says about me I’m not quite sure. I was pottering around the house doing chores, enjoying the comic stylings if Jerry & the gang, when I’m served this ad by @simplybeuk. Now, I’m a believer in each to their own and I’m sure they would have some beautifully fitting garments for me…but am I really their target demographic? To started to notice that these ‘personalised’ ads are rife, but have the personal touch of a teacher yelling ‘Bond’ as they read the register. Claiming to be personalised does not mean you are. Using my name does not mean you know anything about me (clearly). Which is a shame because the coincent, copy, design and visuals are beautiful. So why did you need to try to name me?! It wreaks of the desperation to use data simply because it’s there. Rather than delivering an ad experience that’s just beautiful, without the need to slap a name on it so you can call it ‘personalised’. Sufficed to say, I’m now the proud owner of new undies for myself anyway…

Another quick photo posted via my iPhone and Instagram –

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