Eating Easter birdies – Feldon, UK

Easter Sunday saw me spend a little over an hour sat in the joyous UK spring weather (by which I mean near freezing), obsessing over the different birds flitting in and out of view from down my camera lens. All in all, we saw surprising number of different birds, especially considering the naturally noisy family gathering going on inside!

From my recollection, we saw some Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Greenfinch, Siskin, and Wagtail. Not bad for an afternoon in the garden, and I even got pictures of some of them!

Below are the ‘eating’ pictures of the various birds happily munching away while I loiter behind some hanging baskets…

2013-03-31__DSC0167 2013-03-31__DSC0252 2013-03-31__DSC0262 2013-03-31__DSC0369 2013-03-31__DSC0382 2013-03-31__DSC0347 2013-03-31__DSC0537 2013-03-31__DSC0659 2013-03-31__DSC0689 2013-03-31__DSC0683 2013-03-31__DSC0661 2013-03-31__DSC0588 2013-03-31__DSC0642 2013-03-31__DSC0634 2013-03-31__DSC0572 2013-03-31__DSC0159 2013-03-31__DSC0130 2013-03-31__DSC0092

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