Party time @ Sias & J’s! – London, UK

Last weekend we went to see the good lady wife’s family (some by blood, some not so much) for a celebration! No particular one thing to celebrate (well, until the wonderful news when we arrived…). Anyway, a wonderful time had by all and lots of entertaining pictures! Here are some of my favourites and see if you can spot my darling wife, who (believe it or not) was stone cold sober all day!

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0157

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0346

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0032

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0144

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0128

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0258

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0257

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0031

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0263

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0350

Personally Redefined - 2013-01-26__DSC0009

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