New Year’s Eve Jenga! – Rickmansworth, UK

This year me & Mrs.B saw in the New Year once again with some drinks, Thai food, and plenty of chocolate!  Although we were also accompanied by the sister-in-law and her Italian heartthrob Giancarlo (he takes a lovely picture and there are plenty of examples on the blog to see!).


Anyway, lots of fun had by all and to try to distract us from some of the less than tuneful singing during Jool Holland’s Annual Hootenanny this year, we decided to play some Jenga.  Sadly Mrs.B managed to lose all the games, but here’s a little video to prove it!


New_Year’s_Eve_2012_13_Jenga!-Large.m4v Watch on Posterous


Special thanks to Mrs.B (@bondfiona) for an amazing year, as well as Keri and Giancarlo for seeing in 2013 with us.  To a great 2013!

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