Waking in Devon, Day 4 (part 2) – Devon, UK

Part two of the day was the stunning Lydford Gorge, where I cld quite happily lose a whole day taking pictures of the streams and mini falls up and down the deepest gorge in the south west. With the Whitelady falls first, a beautifully elegant cascade of water, and the Devil’s Cauldron, just raw power! Then there was our lunch stop. It was actually between the two visits, but sufficed to say it was interesting. ‘The Highwayman Inn’ was billed as an interesting pub with lots of odd pieces of memorabilia inside and a stagecoach as an entrance. But this doesn’t even come close to the completely bizarre experience and scene. Lovely, but mad. Anyway, there’s a panorama of the front of the pub to give you some idea of the craziness within.

Tim Bond

M: 07545 563696
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