I like my Xbox again!

I’ve been having a few glitchy freezing issues with my trusty Xbox over the last couple of months until a few weeks ago it gave up the ghost completely.  All I had left was the 3/4 red ring of death to keep me company.  So I sent it off, after a little hassle with getting the correct forms and printing them out (as well as finding a box big enough!).

So I went about my life and actually forgot to keep checking the status as I thought it might be a few weeks (and some money) to get this console fixed out of warranty.  Then a week or so later an amazing thing happened, a brand new console arrived, with a note saying that they’d replaced it in interests of speed and enjoy my gaming.  To cap it off, I got a free month’s Xbox Live membership to boot!

I had become a little frustrated with the Xbox during it’s glitching and more when trying to send it off, but thanks to some great customer services they’ve made one user very happy and re-committed to the brand.  

It’s amazing what a little common sense and good service can do.

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