Doing social media the right way

On my way into work today I watched the second part of Cali Lewis’s great interview with Heroes star Greg Grunberg (the guy that plays the mind-reading cop, for those not up to speed).  I was really impressed with how he uses Twitter (@greggrunberg), rather than just sit back and enjoy the fans following him, he’s using Twitter searches to find questions about Heroes and also about his main charitable interest, Epilepsy.  

Not content with merely being a Twitter master, promoting Heroes, sites he’s worked with like ‘Talk About It‘ and other issues around epilepsy, Greg’s also launched his own online venture.  The site has launcehd and looks like an interesting idea, with the addition of the iPhone and iTouch app meaning I’ll be trying it out soon! 

There was one quote that I particularly enjoyed from the interview, which really sums up how social media can change how we form relationships and start new ventures with people we’d never normally bump into:

“The internet has turned the world into one small airport bar.”

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