Is Twitter about to start ‘the dip’.

Thanks to my father (who isn’t actually on Twitter!) for pointing me to an article on E-consultancy titled ‘Twitter is about to jump the shark, says expert’.  It raises some interesting points originally made by Steve Rubel on his blog yesterday.  While Steve makes some valid and interesting observations and I agree that there may well be ‘the dip’ on the horizon, I don’t agree with his critique of the problems.

Twitter may well be losing it’s geek creds, in that geeks are no longer the top users and may start flocking to the newest shiniest toy/tool.  However, the addition of celebrities & more users as a whole could make Twitter an even more valuable tool in communications.  If the celebs draw more people in, then more companies will be interested in using the service to their benefit.  This is where I’d like to see Twitter expand its service a little, for example: Can I see any tagging of staffers?  Differentiation between companies and people?  These could give the service more openness and clarity over who you are actually speaking to from General Motors or Dell.

The disorganisation argument is simply wrong.  There are so many 3rd party apps to choose from that within a few minutes you can make 100’s of streams from multiple accounts feed nicely and usefully through to your desktop.  

The argument about depth is just looking for fault too, I feel.  The point of Twitter is not to be able to get deep qualitative data on how your brand is viewed, but to grab quick quantitative data to see what’s being said about your brand or about an issue (# tags have made this even easier again!).
In sum, Twitter will dip in usage ‘tomorrow’ (that magical time just over the horizon), but that’s just the nature of the beast.  It’s their reaction to ‘the dip’ and what they do to improve their service and keep their users.  

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