4 keys to success

Odd thing, I was flicking through my notebook the other day and came across some I made while taking my level 1 coaching qualification for rugby last year.  It suddenly hit me that these apply to life, as well as sport.  So here are my 4 keys to success:

1) Forward
Move forward at all times.  Sometimes it won’t happen or you’ll even get pushed backwards somehow, but pick yourself up and crack on forwards once again.  Keep your eyes on the gain-line make sure you power through it.
2) Support 
You need to give to receive.  If you support those around you when they’re in trouble, they’ll do the same.  Don’t be a loner trying to win, networks are what keep us moving these days.
3) Continuity 
Mix it up.  Don’t keep doing the same old thing, try new ways, new things and see how they work.  They might not work at all, but you won’t know ’til you try.  
4) Pressure 
Keep it up.  Don’t let your mind or body drop off the game.  Enjoy your breaks when they come along, suck in the fresh air and take a swig of you drink, but when it’s game time you’ve got to have your eyes on the prize.

Wow.  I just slipped into mildly crazed motivational speaker mode!  I’m not quite sure where that came from, but I hope it shows some insight!

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