A week away and feeling gay!

Well it’s been a week with no phone, no net, not even music! How do I feel? Amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be back and looking forward to the remainder of my holiday with the option of connecting, but it felt good not to care for a week.

Even today, I’ve been so much more productive than normal. 1 hour online and I’ve caught up in time to lay beside the pool for the rest of the day, in the beautiful Durban hillside house we’re staying in before flying out to Cape Town tomorrow morning.

So in respect to ‘Separation Anxiety’ I can safely say, I’ve not had a jot of it. Even now, I’ve only really popped on to see how the world is and check my e-mail, etc. I honestly think I could have managed the whole 2 weeks if I had to, which has seriously surprised me.

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