Apple & DRM

I read a very interesting post by a fellow Machead in the US this morning, the honourable Louis Gray.  However, I have to seriously disagree with his post – “DRM – Doesn’t Really Matter”.  As I’ve posted previously, DRM is an issue that I’m quite passionate about, as it’s not the reality of the situation it’s the principle.

It may well be the case that I would practically have to go out of my way to find a way that having ‘suffered’ through DRM for the better part of eight years with Apple has negatively affected my music experience” as Louis puts it, but that’s not the point.  My music is just that, and the fact that Apple and most other major providers put a lock it is simply wrong.  The other point here is:

“If one of the biggest items to be delivered at tomorrow’s MacWorld Expo is the elimination of DRM from songs on the iTunes store, as is rumored, then we are on the brink of the biggest snoozefests in technology event history.”

It is sad to think that I’ll never get to see Steve Jobs address the MacWorld Expo in person, but that doesn’t mean the Expo is suddenly defunct.  There are still a plethora of great companies and products there every year.  The fact that Apple might be leading the way on the issue of DRM is also a HUGE deal, as was iTunes, as was the iPod, and as was the iPhone.  All these products changed the landscape for listeners and producers of music.  

While I accept Louis point that it might not have a dramatic effect on a lot of people’s experience of their Apple products or any other music software/hardware, it’s the principle that’s in play here and I’m proud to be a Machead watching Apple lead the way once again.

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