Anti-bullying Week

17th-21st November is Anti-Bullying Week, did you know?  I will be doing something for the week to support the cause.  Not just because it’s a good cause, but because as a child, I was bullied and it has had a lasting effect on me.    

Unfortunately, too many people have probably been through similar experiences during their childhood, some even into their adulthood.  BukklyingUK is trying to help people deal with bullying at any age, as well as trying to help people and organisations prevent it in the first place.  It’s a worthwhile project, but a pricey one too, I’d imagine.  

If you’ve had any experience, then you know how much it can effect peoples lives.  So give a little time, effort or money, if we all do a little, it adds up to a lot (can’t believe I actually said that).

I won’t harp on, but sufficed to say, follow them @bullyinguk, support them and keep up to date through

Do what you can.

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