Three for Three

I see I have been nominated by Mr Matthews to give this a crack, well here goes then…

Top three non-work websites:

1. – I’ve got to keep up with my American sports headlines and their mobile site is pretty good too, so SI’s the one for me.
2. – Possibly the most outrageous clothing site I’ve seen.  They have toned it down over the  last few years, but it’s still wonderfully wrong (personal favourite’s:  1, 2, 3).

3. – I seem to live on this these days, it links me through to most of my life.  It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s the truth.

Top three Karaoke Songs:

1. Build me up Buttercup – The Foundations – Memories of 20+ rugby boys singing in unison, word-for-word will live with me until the day I die.  Great times.
2. Love-shack – B-52’s – The first song on the first album I was ever given.  Listened to it so much the cassette gave out!  What a song, what a group, what…rock lobster?!

3. Last Request – Paolo Nutini – Just a song that means a lot to me.

Top three cocktails:

1. June Bug – Another slightly fruity blast from the past for me, with memories of this being the only thing we had the ingredients for one night.  From there it somehow became our drink for about 2 years?!
2. Long Island Iced Tea – Nice and strong cocktail, me likey lots.

3. Irish Coffee – I love coffee, but anything and everything can be improved with the addition of scotch!

I’m going to pass it this meme-tastic bundle of fun on to:

I’ll be looking out for your answers!

One thought on “Three for Three

  1. ha ha, only just seen this. thanks mate – my blog is out there in its embryonic form will be on their way

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