Charitably recessing.

Everyone seems to be talking about how the recession will effect business and the global economy, but this morning was the first time I heard anyone mention charities. The mention was, as if you had to guess, on trusty Radio 4 and it made me think…(no mean feat before my first caffeine hit of the day)

For charities, recession means people either donate less or stop altogether. So they have less money to help those in need, while the number of those needing the aid of charitable organisations is sure to grow in the current economic climate.

So what can we do? Keep doing the little bit you have been, don’t cancel that Direct Debit, put your small change in the charity tin.   You may think you’re hard up, but you still have your computer, phone line and internet connection.  Volunteer if you can, either with a charity, not-for-profit or collective like Bright One.

Most of these charities and not-for-profit’s try to help the people society has forgotten about or simply can’t see.  So during an economic downturn we must not lose sight of them.

Anyway, I’ll climb down from my soap box now and let you go about your weekend.  Have a great one.

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