Little people & flashbacks

Sitting on the train this morning, I found myself looking at little people.  Not, I say with some caution, midget’s/short people (whichever is more in vogue this month).  Anyway, these little ones were clearly ‘turds’ (our delightful nickname for 1st years) at my teenage Alma mater, Watford Boys Grammar School, and I found myself thinking a mix of things.

Firstly, “Was I that utterly oblivious of other people getting around?” To watch them get on and off the train was like a wall of spotty little pre-pubes meeting another. No commuter stood a chance of getting through and on to the train.

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, my second thought was, “Aah. CUTE!” in their little uniforms with their violin cases almost as big as them!

Finally, I began to reminisce about bygone years. About how easy life was then, but how everything seemed so very important.  How hard life was being clothed and fed by your parents and packed off to this great big social experiment and adventure of school.  Is it sad to say that, in hindsight, I regret every day I skipped school?  Because I do…

And what have I learned since then?  Things are probably not as hard as they seem.  Don’t stress, just get it done and things will fall into place.  If not, there’s always tomorrow, just keep on trying.

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