To review…

So here I am. 6 months in and I have decided a review of my life and times was in order. I realise this is tremendously self-indulgent, for which I apologise. Anyway, to continue…

I’ve been with Hotwire for 6 months tomorrow and the time has simply flown by. I’ve learnt a lot, but there still so much more I want to know. I’ve had the chance to meet, work alongside and encounter so many interesting people, but I know I’m only scratching the surface.

My personal life has also moved along. I’m still sickeningly love struck with ‘le fi‘ (as she shall henceforth be known) and we are moving in together on Friday.  A big and mildly terrifying step, you’ll agree, but one I’m very excited about.

Next week will be a busy time personally and professionally, with my 6 month review and moving in with le fi.

I’m currently not a fully-fledged PR yet, but I’m certainly on my way there. As @benrmatthews put it to me at the Harvest Twestival:

“You’re a PR-in-waiting! Like an old lady-in-waiting, but larger and with more hair!” (DISCLAIMER: I may have embellished slightly, but PR-in-waiting was certainly said by someone at some point)

So that’s me at 6 months in: a PR-in-waiting.

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