Is the SatNav turning us all into dunces at map reading?

This is just one of the many articles cropping up today, saying that we can no longer read maps, because of the trusty SatNav. What poppycock!

On Radio 4 this morning, there was a lady bemoaning the use of SatNav, as it means people don’t look at a map and visit local attractions and landmarks. I would argue that she has never actually used a SatNav, so should not be allowed to speak on the subject.

I purchased a small journey simplifying device around a year ago and it has changed how I drive. Previously, I had to look at maps, stop, get lost, find the new way, get lost again…you all know how it goes. The SatNav means that I can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy the journey. Taking in the sights and views. It makes the journey a pleasure, well most of the time anyway.

The problem with the aforementioned ladies argument is that she argues SatNav’s don’t have local points of interest on, as the ordnance surveys do. Luckily, a tech-geek was sat opposite her and tried, very politely to point out geotagging is making this less and less true. As this technology could make the whole idea of finding local attractions and fun things to do even easier.

However, I would have made a simpler argument…’Have you seen a SatNav?’ I don’t know about everyone else’s, but mine certainly has local attractions that I can search for, and I don’t think it will be too long until you can drive along and opt to have these pointed out as you travel. The info is already on the maps, so please catch up with the technology before you begin to rant and rave about how it’s ruining the fabric of society.

2 thoughts on “Is the SatNav turning us all into dunces at map reading?

  1. Hiya Don’t know about yours, but my SatNav has a mind of its own. Sends me some very strange directions so I always have to double check the route. I have a rubbish sense of direction, I’m always getting lost, but I don’t think its turning us in dunces. Its definitely getting me to read and try and understand maps more.RPS Thanks for the follow. Have you in my Reader now.

  2. Apologies for taking ages to reply to this comment, I’ve just missed it up until today.I must concede that I do check the odd journey on a map, especially regular ones (like a route to work, trying to avoid morning traffic). Interesting that you’re reading maps more, are these real maps, or Google maps? As I cheat and use Google maps and then adjust the route around points that I think will make it fast.TJ

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