Bout with the Brew crew!

Is this really what the world of football has come to? British fans are still so desperate for a fight that they go all the way to America, and American “soccer” fans are so desperate to be taken seriously that even the mainstream media doesn’t take these actions seriously!

To cap it all off, this is the total of the coverage. UK Daily? Yeah, right, not even the red tops seem interested, I guess it’s not fictional transfer speculation, sports stars attractive spouses or aforementioned sports stars getting blitzed and fighting/insulting/molesting anything they can get their hands on, so why would this even enter their radars.

If you control the conduct of players, you create a culture. Football never will, because it has too much money surrounding the over-indulged ‘stars’ of the game. Don’t even get me started…the ability to kick a ball with one or both feet does not put you above the law.

It does, however, put you up against the wall, all I need is the revolution and my shotgun…

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