Art on the walls (& ceiling)

I received this image as a forward, from where I cannot recall, but it made me laugh. If smoking areas were still allowed and didn’t have to be only 3 solid walls or 50% total coverage or whatever the bloody rules are. Apologies dear reader, I appear to have lost my point…if smoking areas were still allowed indoors, I think this would be an artful thing to do. In fact, more attempts should be made and allowed to have interesting art around the cities of Britain.

I realise that in Londontown we are very privileged to have a plethora of choices when it comes to art, but having been to University elsewhere, I also realise that too many other cities show a complete lack of invention and balls when it comes to crating art in public places. I’m not talking large statues and sculptures that cost millions. I’m saying why not let an aspiring artist paint that wall in the city centre that’s just there, with no other purpose. Why not let a new one re-paint it every 3 months, with the seasons? Why not?

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